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Locate online information about people through reverse searches, reverse email and free people searches.


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  People search and people finder resources.Covert online investigation on other people? Seriously, it's really not as bad as it sounds and it is your complete right to know everything about the person you met at an online dating site and are corresponding with.

Since there are dishonest people out there (usually horny married people looking to score) you might as well use all the free online people search and people investigative resources available at your disposal. You can use one or all of the below people research ideas and web site links. All the links will open up a new window for you, and are to sites that provide this information to you for free. If by chance they start charging for the information, please let me know via my contact page so I can remove them from below. Likewise if you have a web site that provides free people research, investigative, or database information and you'd like it listed here then please send me a link to your site. Once I check out what your site has to offer, it's confirmed as useful here and it's free, I'll post your site either here if it relates to people searches, people finders or people locators... or I'll list you on our Link Friends page if it's a cool web site - easy!

OK, let's get back on track here. First of all... I recommend you check out one of the better Free People Search web site I've located to date, it's where I found all the cool people research sites links listed below. This site by the way isn't your standard people search site as much as a people search "resource" site with thousands of links to sites where you can do do reverse people searches, locate hard to find telephone numbers, checkout a persons real age, the value of their house (public records section) and a bunch more. Once you're finished there you can then use any of my (ahem) borrowed links below to find out exactly who the person really is behind that online dating profile!

People searches can be done easily through Google by "googling" them, read more to see how.  Googling People via the Google Search Engine. Yes you heard right, and in case you've never heard about "Googling" someone here's the inside scoop on what it's about. Google is the most popular search engine online and has literally billions of pages of online web pages and information stored on it's search engine hard drives. To you this means there's a very good chance that the person you're corresponding with has information about themselves listed out there somewhere on the Internet whether they realize it or not. Their information could be listed at an online club, blog, forum, guestbook, or really anywhere.

In order for this to work the best it takes a little bit of search savvy plus some investigative skills on your part. In the long run the time that you invest in "Googling" someone could prove to be well worth your time since it could show you who that the person really is. And on the other hand it could also save you ton's of time (and possible heart ache) if you find out that this person has been lying to you and is a fake.

OK here's what you'll need, most of which you can expect to be able to gradually collect over a period of time through their email correspondence or on their profile:

First Name and Last Name. This is the minimum, however if his name is Bob Smith for instance, then there will be too many search engine listings for that search term to be of any value to you. To further define the search engine results, you can add the additional information below (from your emails, chat, their profile, phone conversations etc.) in various combinations.

Other search items: City, address, age, profession, hobbies, occupation, email signature line, email account host, things passionate about, etc.

Go ahead and try a search now, even if using your own name (first and last) or the name of a friend, family member or co-worker of yours. On the next page you can return back to this page easily via the "back" button.


Locate information on people through people search web sites.What you might confirm from your Google research is that Bob Smith is in fact an attorney, living in Dallas, he is 32, has made postings at the "save the whales" web site (his email signature showed "save the whales" below his name in his last email to you), and he has a profile listed at Yahoo (his email account host) that mentions his love of basket weaving which he does to relax after a hard day at the office - hmmmm you didn't know that about him did you, but you do now. On the other hand you could find out absolutely nothing about him (no information about him online, or not enough search term information collected by you). On a bad note you could also find out that through the information you've collected and the Googling you've completed that he's really 21, lives at home with Mom and Dad, is unemployed and he's really just looking for a sugar mamma to take care of him!

So don't expect immediate Google miracles however, do understand that the more information you have on your potential mate and the more time you spend refining you Googling skills, the better your overall search results outcome.

  Find out information on people before you date them.  Locating Online Dating Members through Free Public Records Searches. If the person you're corresponding with mentions his or her first and last name (always important) and the state that they currently reside in then you'll have an easy time locating information about them through Zaba Search. The people search resource links (free) at the above site will help you find out the real deal on just about anyone. Ensure you know in what city your potential date lives (if known) and/or their date of birth since it'll make your sleuthing easier to get "the goods" on them. Of course anything else you might know about your date (or potential date) such as: first and last name, middle name or middle initial, relatives living in the household if known, street address, zip code, phone number, email address and any social networks he or she might be associated with.  
  Do a people search to determine who that person really is.  Research your potential future mate through the Spokeo People Search web site. It's very possible that your new online friend has mentioned his or her first & last name and very possibly even the state they live in. With this information you can locate information on their family and also on them too. So your new online friend has mentioned that their family is made up of royalty?  Well, then expect to see a family tree of theirs that takes you back to the nobility in Britain. If he's told you in a recent email that he's single, never married and has no children? Then why has he listed his reunion profile with a wife (possibly ex-wife) and his 5 children. There's also other interesting information there for you to poke around in plus you're very likely to find information on your family tree and maybe even relatives you never knew you had. This site is also free so you'll be OK - put your wallet or purse away.  
  Complete a people finder search for your safety.  Get some of the most detailed information at The People Finder. If you really want to dig down and find out who you're corresponding to, then this is the web site I recommend. Before you go there you need to know that to do a general search to verify a persons state and age plus other family member's states and ages etc. it is free. In this case People Finder can be used for free to "verify" a city and age for free. If you want to do what I did when a couple of my online dating relationships started to move to the more serious "first date" stages, then you can pay for details such as phone number, email address, criminal records, whether a sex offender, marriage and divorce information plus property information and more.  
  Use social media web sites to search for people and check them out.  Social Networking Web Sites. In the past few years the social media sites have been the rave if you wanted the world to know about you and your life, in fact you might already be a member at one of these sites. Wikipedia covers this subject in more depth for you. There are many dozens of these social media sites out there with a couple new sites popping up every week. It would be very difficult for me to list them all here for you so what I've done instead is list some of the more popular social media sites then provided a special search link so you can view, search and locate the newest ones on the block.   Find people through the thousands of social media web sites on the Internet.  

  You should also know that most all social networking web site will require you to register in order to view other peoples web page though all are free to join:  

You can also search for many of the newer social media sites fast & easy if you like:


  So, if you want to check out the person you just met (online or offline) and want to get the "inside scoop" to make sure they aren't a fraud and lying to you, then use any or all of the free people research resources and methods above to protect yourself. Don't get scammed, if you only have time to do one thing then as a minimum Google them and then dig deeper, it's OK and it's normal to Google people - you might be surprised who they really are!    

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