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Free online dating company reviews and ratings and dating site lists so you can find your free online date through free personals and a 100% free online dating profile. 100% Free Online Dating Site Companies List, Free Dating Site Reviews and Free Dating Site Hints & Tips!


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Our 100% free online dating sites and free dating personals sites are for your use. We collected these free dating company links from all over the Internet so... join a free dating site today, set up your free dating profile and meet the love of your life - online dating really does work!
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Welcome to free online dating site reviews and dating site ratings, dating company lists, free online dating links, and free personals site.



     It all started when I became one of those, you know...  single people.

It was tough meeting other singles, especially since wearing a big sign that said "yes, I'm single and available" would have seemed really "hard up". No, I wasn't desperate, but I also didn't want to be alone anymore. I was wishing for more in my life then just going to work, coming home, feeding the cat, and then watching TV by myself (again)... you know what I mean. It was always uncomfortable at work trying to connect with others, and at church it seemed like everyone was watching (hoping) for the singles to click with sparks a flying. Free Online Dating Sites Reviews and Ratings, Free Dating Company Lists and Free Online Dating Insider Information!
Trying to look for the sparks at church just wasn't my thing. The local bars? Well that's was a depressing head game pain in the butt adventure that I won't discuss here...

I'd heard about free online dating sites many years ago but didn't check them out right away. I eventually went poking around online and ended up spending much of my time trying to locate many of the free dating sites out there, my all-time favorite online dating web sites is Match Maker because of their large selection of quality singles and excellent customer service.

What I found during my quest was that for every "reputable" site there were at least three others that were just starting out, had pages on their site that didn't work, or the sign up process wasn't secure. Some of the alleged "100% free dating sites" wanted to charge me just to take a peek, and other dating companies wanted me to pay once I got in (not) or if I wanted to read my email there (?). Over time I ended up with a scribbled notepad list of some of the better online free dating sites - and that's how this web site eventually came to be... from my scribbled free online dating companies list.

Online dating services are web sites designed to help you find a friend, a date, a lover, or a soul mate (depending on what you are looking for). You begin by joining and setting up your online dating profile which includes information about yourself plus you can describe the type of person you're looking for and would like to meet. A really good dating site should allow you to remain anonymous until you're ready to let others know who you are. Find your online date through 100% free online dating site companies links. It's easy to date online... sign up at any of the free dating sites we have listed, fill out your free online dating profile and meet singles online - it's fun and easy!
They should also have secure capability (most all do these days), have photos of the members (more then one is goodness), have instant messaging or e-mail services, and they should also have live chat, very good search features and really great customer service.
A majority of the online dating sites out there cater to a general audience, and some are more specific to particular sexual preferences (niche markets), religious affiliations, ethnic background, or even age groups.

This weeks hot online dating site choice:  

My site has just about everything you need to enter into the exciting world of online dating while keeping yourself comfortable and of course - safe. You'll find some must know information in the online dating information section where much of it based on my direct personal experience with online dating when I was single. If you're brand new to online dating then I highly recommend you start there before you venture off into online dating land. Much of the dating site information I researched and located online or it's directly based on what I've learned from the sites I joined over the years. I've also included a big list of dating sites that I either joined and liked, or that my research showed were above the average.

So, I sifted through much of the garbage out so you wouldn't have to. I hope my site site saves you time, that you learn something new and  that you have fun. I also hope you find that special person who is also looking for you. The best of luck to you!
  A reminder... I recently added the brand new Online dating, sex, love and relationship book section for you so be sure to check it out and for God's sake buy something! ;-)
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Free online dating companies is what brought my husband and I together. Without all those free online dating sites out there on the Internet... I'd still be single!

  Me?  I met my soul mate early in my online search at Match and I'm very happy, although I still maintain this site because... I remember what it was like back then. I hope this site helps you in your quest to find your friend, lover, or soul mate. It's time for you to meet many of the really great people out there who are also looking to meet someone just like you too!
Wishing you the best in your search for love - still not sure?  You can get started right here.
PS - Read how I got started as a Webmaster oh so many years ago!

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